Monday, September 29, 2008

Hannah's 4th Birthday Party!

Hannah had a princess/knight themed party this year. She'd been looking forward to this day for many months! She invited all her friends from preschool last year to attend. We played some fun games, and below is a video of part of the game, Princess, Knight, DRAGON! (a form of duck, duck, goose!) Thanks to all the friends and family who came on Saturday and made her feel like a true princess!

Her favorite part - opening the presents!

I almost didn't make her cake, because it seemed pretty intimidating. She insisted on a barbie princess cake, even when I tried to convince her cup cakes were better! I went ahead and made the cake, and it turned out to be really easy. The hard part was cooking the rounded cake - it took nearly 2 hours in the oven!! Putting the cake together with barbie inside was easy - that took 10 minutes! Hannah helped decorate the barbie princess with the hearts and I did the little pink frosting dots and tadah!! A cake fit for a princess!

Hannah's first day of Pre-school!

The first day of preschool was pretty great. I didn't realize how stressed my little girl would get, but she had a furrow on her brow on the long walk into the center, and didn't want her dad to take pictures of her until she got to the room. She was asking me things like, will my friends be here? When I told her no, she would be making new friends, she told me that she didn't want to go if her friends from preschool last year wern't going to be here. There was no melt down however! And I think a big part of that has to do with the fact that her teacher is Molly Freestone, a good friend of the family, and a good friend of Hannah's! So, at least there was one familiar face in the crowd!

Check out the videos below for the walk from the car to the school and inside to her classroom. You only get a backside view - sorry!

As soon as we got to the classroom, the first thing Hannah did was make her way to the baby dolls and home play center! She LOVES babies!!!

Here she is, settled in doing a puzzle, willing to give me one more smile before I go...

Photo Shoot with Ku'ulei

A few months back, we had Ku'ulei Stephenson come and take some candid photos of our family. It was a great much easier than going to a studio, and I love the results. I highly reccommend using Ku'ulei's services. She is great with kids and families, and can really capture the moment on film. I finally have some cute family pictures hanging up in my house! Thanks Ku'ulei!

The four of us....

Emphasis on the bump! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby boy - Tanner!

Sweet Sisters!

So cute and adorable Lindsey Brynn

As my friends call her - "Fancy Nancy" - AKA - my all girl little girl Hannah Shay!

My two little princess....

Lindsey and her baby doll

I have tons more shots that are so cute, but this is a pretty good example of our fun family photo shoot at home.