Thursday, August 28, 2008

Following the crowd

So, this is new for me - Blogging that is. I feel a bit uncomfortable about it, but I think I am ready to give it a try. I have begun to do many things I didn't think I would ever do. Like, buying a mini van. I never thought I would drive a mini van. Partly because I do not like following the crowd and it seems like everyone has one. But, I have recently become a mini van mom because I realized that everyone has one because they are so convenient and nice and well, just a good choice for a mom expecting number three. Following the crowd was good in the case of me choosing a mini van, and I am hoping that I feel the same way about starting this blog. Not too long ago, I didn't think I would ever do it.(Blog that is) But, I have decided to keep an open mind - after I read several entries from some friends blogs, I wondered if they knew something good that I didn't. So, here goes my attempt to follow the crowd and find the magic in blogging.