Sunday, December 21, 2008

Life is Good

Ok, I have to say that aside from having food poisoning and being up 3 hours last night writhing in pain close to that of labor, Life Is Good!

Where is some wood to knock on?? Things with the kids are going really well, and I am being blessed with the patience and love that I so diligently have prayed for...(don't quit now!!!)

Among those things that are going really well is Lindsey. I was so sad during the first two months following Tanner's birth, because Lindsey was really struggling - and I was really struggling with her. It was like all her happiness vanished away and she lost her adorable little devilishness. She has this grinn that looks like she is up to no good and she is in pure bliss. Well, it was missing for the past two months, and I am happy to announce, that Lindsey is BACK!!!!

Here are a few pictures that I snapped in the back yard a few days ago that show Lindsey enjoying her charmed life again!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Blessing of Tanner

I finally have a minute!!! I can hardly believe that all three of my kids are asleep, and I am awake!!! Time to take a minute and share some thoughts and pictures.

This past Sunday in church, my wonderful husband Jon blessed Tanner with a circle of worthy priesthood holders. It was a really good experience for Jon and our family. Sometimes I can't tell if Jon has become super dad because he now has a son, or if he has just gotten better at it with practice. I'm gonna say it is because he is getting better at it!!!

So he fasted and did research on what to include in a blessing and read several talks from leaders of the church. I love to learn about what he studies and he loves to share what he learns. He learned about the significance of names we recieve throughout our lives and how each major step in our lives is associated with receiving a new name, and a promise, or blessing from God.

Tanner is a very sweet little boy, and I am glad Heavenly Father sent him to me and allowed me to give him the name he will be known by here.

Here are a few pics I took the morning of and after church. The cute little outfit he is wearing was loaned to me by my friend Meaganne - whose little boy James was also blessed this sunday. It was neat to have them share their special day with eachother.