Friday, October 2, 2009

Hannah is 5!!

My little girl is growing up!

So, this is the last blog entry I wrote 7 years ago, but I did not publish it!  I am now...

It is crazy how the first child really has to blaze the trail for the rest to follow. We let Hannah choose the place we would eat for her birthday - she chose Chuck E Cheese. I didn't know she was expecting to have a party. We waited a few minutes for our pizzas to get there - after we had eaten, we said, "Hannah - come on, lets go play some games!" She wouldn't leave the table because she said she was waiting for Chuck E Cheese.

It seemed that she knew something we didn't.....we were there on a Wednesday at noon and there was only one or two other families there besides our own. I didn't even think it was likely Chuck E was around. So, I asked Hannah what she thought was going to happen, and she said that Chuck E was going to come out and put a crown on her head and put a medalion around her neck. I said, "I am so sorry Hannah - I didn't set that up for you - we are just here to eat and play games". She was so sad - and dissappointed - you should have seen her face. I started to feel terrible. I was tearing up when I explained to Jon, who was playing games with Lindsey, that Hannah was waiting for Chuck E Cheese to crown her and wish her a happy birthday. He felt really bad too - and I dare say he was tearing up - he said it is sad to think that your kid is dissappointed on their birthday - especially when they are so young with realativley simple expectations (though I hadn't thought to ask her what her expectations were!)

Anyways - I went to the front and got it all to happen. After she was crowned and greeted by Chuck E - she was all set to go and spend her tokens, earn tickets and buy her trinkets. All in all - I think Hannah considered her birthday a success. Now I know what she will be expecting next time - or better yet - I will ask her before we go!

Hannah's new Littlest Pet Shops decorating her strawberry birthday cake.

Hannah and her 15 year old cousing Julia - born on the same day - 10 years apart. This picture was taken after Julia took Hannah out to hamburgers to Celebrate their mutual birthdays on the 30th of September.