Friday, October 2, 2009

Hannah is 5!!

My little girl is growing up!

So, this is the last blog entry I wrote 7 years ago, but I did not publish it!  I am now...

It is crazy how the first child really has to blaze the trail for the rest to follow. We let Hannah choose the place we would eat for her birthday - she chose Chuck E Cheese. I didn't know she was expecting to have a party. We waited a few minutes for our pizzas to get there - after we had eaten, we said, "Hannah - come on, lets go play some games!" She wouldn't leave the table because she said she was waiting for Chuck E Cheese.

It seemed that she knew something we didn't.....we were there on a Wednesday at noon and there was only one or two other families there besides our own. I didn't even think it was likely Chuck E was around. So, I asked Hannah what she thought was going to happen, and she said that Chuck E was going to come out and put a crown on her head and put a medalion around her neck. I said, "I am so sorry Hannah - I didn't set that up for you - we are just here to eat and play games". She was so sad - and dissappointed - you should have seen her face. I started to feel terrible. I was tearing up when I explained to Jon, who was playing games with Lindsey, that Hannah was waiting for Chuck E Cheese to crown her and wish her a happy birthday. He felt really bad too - and I dare say he was tearing up - he said it is sad to think that your kid is dissappointed on their birthday - especially when they are so young with realativley simple expectations (though I hadn't thought to ask her what her expectations were!)

Anyways - I went to the front and got it all to happen. After she was crowned and greeted by Chuck E - she was all set to go and spend her tokens, earn tickets and buy her trinkets. All in all - I think Hannah considered her birthday a success. Now I know what she will be expecting next time - or better yet - I will ask her before we go!

Hannah's new Littlest Pet Shops decorating her strawberry birthday cake.

Hannah and her 15 year old cousing Julia - born on the same day - 10 years apart. This picture was taken after Julia took Hannah out to hamburgers to Celebrate their mutual birthdays on the 30th of September.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cute Cousins

Look at those cute kids!!! (notice Cache grabbing Hannah's hair!) We had a crazy picture shoot at Picture People - to commemorate my sister Cheryl's visit the first week of February. The fact that we got such a great shot is a miracle, and a bit of good luck. Kids grow so fast, so although we took pictures last year when we all got together, we had two new babies to add this year.

It is so cool that my sister Cheryl and I had baby boys one week apart. Tanner was born on October 10th, and Cache - pronounced "Cash" was born on October 17th. I have selfishly been urging her to move to Texas so all the cousins can grow up together. I feel a bit guilty at times, because they are outdoor lovers like myself, and Texas is not quite the outdoor mecca that some other places are. It is a dilemna I have been personally fighting for 8 years. Stay and live close to family (Jon's and mine) or move somewhere that awakens my soul with its natural energy and beauty.

Well, for me, at least so far, being close to family has won out. I really try to see the beauty in Texas, and sometimes, I do. Texas has some pretty great sunsets - made better by the temperate climate most of the year. I just saw a great one on Friday night as the kids and I were enjoying yet another trip to the park this warm winter.

While Cheryl was here, she couldn't get enough of our 60 and 70 degree weather. Coming from below freezing, she was in paradise! Needless to say, her and her husband are seriously looking at moving here in the not too distant future! Yeah - having family close rocks!

This picture was my Valentines day/Anniversary present to Jon to put on his desk @ work. (as the two occassions are only one week apart I made only one card and bought only one present.) Luckily, my husband and I are on the same wave lenghth with this system!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Crib Surprise!

This morning, after Tanner woke up at 6am, I put him back down at 7:30 am. About 8:30 I heard him softly talking in his crib. I was online - looking at pictures of Temples posted on Facebook's club The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints site. There are some pretty gorgeous pictures. So, I just let him coo, and softly talk in a contented way. He started getting louder, like he was tired of being in his crib and I was about to go get him, but then it got quite - I thought he had fallen asleep. So, I finished looking at the pictures - I was able to see 200 of the 430 posted before I got tired of it!!!

I walked over to his room to check on him, and this is what I saw....

****Notice the rocking chair pushed up to the side of the crib - That chair is usually in the hallway - where I do time out for the girls when we are upstairs.********

I heard Tanner's mobile going, and looked in the crib and saw - Lindsey!!!! Loving on her little brother. She loves him so much!!! I said, with a smile, "Lindsey! Did you climb up there?" and she said, "yes, Baby Tanner was crying!" She had to turn him over - he sleeps on his stomach - and scoot him towards the mobile. She accomplished all of this without making Tanner cry, and much to my surprise, he was happily content with Lindsey snuggling him and watching his mobile with him. Lindsey really dose love Tanner, and she makes quite a great big sister!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Celebrating Christmas

Here are a few pictures from the Holiday season -

Jon and Tanner snuggled up and keeping warm, when it DID get cold this December, in MY lavandar bath robe. (I had a pretty good idea of what to get Jon for Christmas!)
Jon loves to make cookies with the girls - at all the holidays. But especially at Christmas time - he loves to give Christmas cookies away to family and friends. He took this picture of the girls dressed in their baking attire (sent by their aunt Marcy) and they are looking sooo adorable! They are becoming quite the little bakers - I chose this shot cuz it shows Lindsey doing what she loves best - pushing Hannah's buttons!

We had our good friends the Grumbles over for Grahm Cracker Ginger Bread house construction. Lots of candy and lots of fun! Hannah and her 4 year old friend Reaganne were able to make true to form houses - while Lindsey's and Taylor's (2 1/2 and 3 respectivly)resembled more of a tent. Only Hannah's house made it past the afternoon at our house - Lindsey's had been all but eaten a few minutes after construction! Hannah used it as a doll house!

Jon and I got both of our families together for Christmas Eve dinner at our house. We had bread bowls - that Jon made. They turned out fantastically! Everyone loved eating the broccili and cheese and potatoe soups from them!

Christmas Eve, and Emily, Hannah, Kylie and Julia pause for a picture!

Sipping Cider - or is it Whasshal!!??!!

Amy Woodward put together a fantastically fun "night before christmas" story with occompanying treats inside boxes that Hannah and Lindsey got to open at each part of the story. They were filled with fun treats for everyone to share. Thanks Amy for all the effort you always put into our Family get togethers!!!

Oh, the bore of it all.........Luckily Julia had texting to keep her interested!!! (teenagers!!!)

In Leiu of our traditional christmas tree from Grandpa Wells, we asked for a christmas amaryillis. Boy, is it goregeous. It was fun to watch it grow from bulb to flower on our kitchen table.

December always seems to bring a bought of sickness to our Family, and this year was no exception, making the season go by even faster than usual. It is always so wonderful to be able to get together with family and friends and celebrate the season of giving and love. We love you all - and especially those who wern't her to share it with us!