Friday, January 28, 2011

Fund Raiser Photos

So, the young women in our ward decided to do family/kid portraits for their annual fund raiser to help earn money to spend on girls camp stuff. I thought it was a great idea - without talking to Jon, I signed us up for 4:40 on Saturday. Imagine my surprise when my husband got home from church and informed me that he signed our family up for the same time slot on a different sign up sheet going around! (keep in mind the whole day was an option - every twenty minutes from 10am to 6pm) I think this is the first time in our married lives that we have read each other's minds. The only difference is that I signed us up for $10 additional dollars to do kids portraits as well.

We have been trying for a while to get a family photo to come out clear - I am not very impressed with my $250 cannon point and shoot I've had for a year now. I am thinking of declaring it the kid's camera and buying a new one for myself! So, at the fundraiser photo shoot - for the most part, the girls (young women) took the pictures. They had some great cameras that were loaned them for the day. Here are the worthy pictures we have as a reminder that fundraisers are so much fun!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a......!

I decided to surprise the family with the news of the sex of my new baby. Hannah and Lindsey were desperately rooting for a girl, and were in fact adament that the baby in my belly was a girl. Early on in my pregnancy, Jon and I had both felt also that I was having a girl. We still allowed ourselves to hope we were having a second boy and quite enjoyed the thought of Tanner having a brother.
I went alone to the Sonographer's while Jon waited at home with Lindsey and Tanner. I went to Baskin Robbins on my way home from the Sonographer's and grabbed a ready made ice cream cake and had them write the three surprise words on the top. I hid it in the freezer in a brown paper sack and went and thanked Jon for cleaning the house and doing the laundry while I was out - I definately didn't expect that, as I had in fact told myself as I was walking out the door that I would find the house messier and dirtier than I left it and not to be surprised or angry when I did. So, I was definately surprised and happy.
Jon didn't ask right away what I found out. It took him about 15 minutes of my talking about other things before he ventured to ask regarding the sex of our child. I told him it was a surprise and he would have to wait until Hannah got home from school and I shared it with the whole family. He was fine with that idea.

Jon was a little baffled at the build up and suspense I was giving this child's sex - whereas none of the others recieved the same treatment. Well, I guess I am learning to make a bigger deal out of things in order to have more fun and excitement in life. I was proud of myself for being able to keep the secret all afternoon - just for the sake of anticipation and celebration itself. So, after much patient waiting, here is what my family found out...

Here are the two big sisters who were quite pleased and happy with the news:

Tanner was all about the ice cream - he finished his, he got seconds, and then recieved a few bites off his sister's plates as well. I think he will be quite a well fed boy throughout his life!!!

Jon said - "So it IS a girl - we thought it was!"