Saturday, February 27, 2016

Once I Blogged 7 years ago.   Seriously, it has been almost 7 years, 2009 since I published anything. I'm not sure why I stopped.  Jon sent me a link to my practically forgotten blogspot and I took a little trip down memory lane.  I wish I could say I Have Found A Great New Way To Capture THE MEMORIES But The truth is that I have a lot of pictures, but with no words, I fear there are some pretty great moments forgotten.  Also, what I wrote in this blog means a lot more to me now, 7 years later, than it did when I wrote it.  Precious even.  I truly did not appreciate what I created until just now.   Tomorrow I have a friend coming over to teach me about family history.  Like making bread, I have always felt lost and overwhelmed just thinking about trying family  history.  I am at a point in my life when I do have some time to dedicate to my dead ancestors .  And in light of today's rediscovered past, I'd say I've got some time to document my living ones as well!  Let's start with this picture of my family's most recent photo taken at my mom's house in San Antonio.  It was taken at thanksgiving when we went to meet my mom's new husband Les, and relax farm style. It is a bitter sweet time, for my mom has remarried and will be moving a 3 days drive (the way I drive) to Boise ID.  There will be no more spring break/ Winter Holiday/Summer trips so frequently to enjoy her cooking, farm animals and indoor pool.  The kids and I will miss those relaxing, easy vacations!  We've had a great time, but now  it's time to move on.   Or keep moving forward!  Blogger style.

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