Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey Family!

Hey family - here are a few pictures over the last 3 months so you can see what we have been up to.

Here is Tanner - he loves to be on top of things - the kitchen table, chairs, and here he is on my sewing table! He is a very happy very active little boy - 16 1/2 months old.

Here are Lindsey and Hannah getting a ride outside in the front on my feet - I have a cute picture of Tanner doing this too several months back - They all love it!

Tanner is quite interested in cupboards - and what lies behind them. Since I have not installed baby locks - I spend a significant portion of my week putting pots and pans, playdough, cleaning supplies and everything else back behind cupboard doors!

We had quite a magical Christmas Eve - we got snow! It was quite blustery and cold - but that didn't stop us from getting out that evening and enjoying it! Here is Lindsey playing with and eating some snow.

We got a parakeet after Thanksgiving when our fish died. The kids and Jon really want a dog - but I am not up for that committment. Turns out parakeets are a lot louder than I remember (we had a few in the house growing up). I have one more small living thing in the house that yells at me and demands attention. I told the girls when the keet dies, they can have a dog. I hope it lives at least 5 years! (I've heard they live 10-20 years - just don't know if I can stand the squaking that long!) (Luckily - the pet shop will take it back if I get fed up before then!)
The girls are in their Christmas Dresses!

Here are all three of the kids in their new Christmas pajamas. Hannah calls these snuggies - I'm sure the adopted name was influenced by the recent phenomenum in couch lounge wear.

I have lots more pics and happenings - but have run out of time for now! Hope everyone is well and happy!
lOve yOu all!

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